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that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

The last line of President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is profound not only for his time, but also for our Constitution.  The Constitution's Bill of Rights guarantees that the people of the United States have the right to determine their form of government.

Most Americans today do not seem to believe that the U.S. Government is theirs, especially with the idea that they have any direct control over it except for electing representatives.  Guide Our Future aims to change this perception.

Fellow Citizens

Changing the future for the better begins with you!  That is what democracy is all about.  Don't be shy - register and let your fellow citizens know how you feel.


New GOF feature:  Everyone, including guests,  can vote for favorite news feed stories.  The top voted stories will appear above the feeds.  Also since politics is not something we can afford to ignore, check our political news feeds.

Top Voted Science Stories

  feedbump 04/10/2014 Check Out, And Support, This Wild Multi-Pedal Bike, The Boneshakered Bigwheel
  feedbump 04/12/2014 Changing Our Education System One Programmer At A Time
  feedbump 04/16/2014 Searching for dark energy with neutrons: With neutrons, scientists can now look for dark energy in the lab
  feedbump 04/17/2014 Major League Gaming Snags New VP From Machinima To Further Grow Its Network
  feedbump 04/18/2014 In Just A Few Minutes, SpaceX Will Attempt To Launch A Reusable Rocket — Watch Now! (Update: It’s Over)
  feedbump 04/19/2014 The telescope big enough to spot signs of alien life on other planets
  feedbump 04/22/2014 Juiced: How to Make Mass-Produced Wine Taste Great
  feedbump 04/22/2014 A Map of Every Nuke-Scale Asteroid Strike From the Last Decade
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Will Facebook Dodge The Teen Usage Question Again?

Wired Science

  feedbump 04/18/2014 These Are Some of the Oldest Living Things on Earth
  feedbump 04/18/2014 18 Maps From When the World Thought California Was an Island
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Microscope Images Come to Life in These Winning Videos
  feedbump 04/22/2014 Juiced: How to Make Mass-Produced Wine Taste Great
  feedbump 04/21/2014 Help Scientists Record One Day of Sound on Earth
  feedbump 04/21/2014 Use Science and Tech to Build the Ultimate Automated Garden
  feedbump 04/22/2014 How Asteroid Strikes Preserved Signs of Ancient Life
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Genetic Tricks Could Make Bionic Ears Hear Better
  feedbump 04/22/2014 A Map of Every Nuke-Scale Asteroid Strike From the Last Decade
  feedbump 04/22/2014 Amazingly Vivid Dino Illustrations Reveal a Brutal Prehistoric World

Top News from ScienceDaily

  feedbump 04/23/2014 Steering chemical reactions with laser pulses
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Physical activity keeps hippocampus healthy in people at risk for Alzheimer's disease
  feedbump 04/23/2014 How to avoid water wars between 'fracking' industry and residents
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Surface area of the digestive tract much smaller than previously thought
  feedbump 04/23/2014 In lab tests, the antimicrobial ingredient triclosan spurs growth of breast cancer cells
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Legalizing medical marijuana doesn't increase use among adolescents, study says
  feedbump 04/23/2014 ADHD drug may help preserve self-control resources
  feedbump 04/23/2014 High-calorie, low-nutrient foods in kids' TV programs
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Toward unraveling the Alzheimer's mystery: New step points to proteins
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Airport security-style technology could help doctors decide on stroke treatment

Science News

  feedbump 04/23/2014 Enzyme may help aspirin protect against colon cancer
  feedbump 04/22/2014 Pain curbs sex drive in females, but not males
  feedbump 04/22/2014 New antibiotic resistance genes found in cow manure
  feedbump 04/22/2014 Doctors flunk quiz on screening-test math
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Major step taken toward error-free computing
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Secrets of a sailfish attack
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Dolphins use sponges to dine on different grub
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Rainbow trout genome shows how genetic material evolved
  feedbump 04/22/2014 Submariners’ 'bio-duck' is probably a whale
  feedbump 04/22/2014 Babies cry at night to prevent siblings, scientist suggests

Science | The Guardian

  feedbump 04/22/2014 A bottle of wine a day is harmless? The evidence suggests otherwise
  feedbump 04/22/2014 'Dont worry, Im not contagious' and other microbiological delusions
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Creation - Review
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Scientists solve mystery of Southern Ocean 'quacking' sound
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Czech deer still wary of iron curtain boundary
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Why we must defend Josie Cunningham's right to an abortion
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Space images show North Korea's changing landscape - video
  feedbump 04/23/2014 The sacking of David Moyes: a scientific rationale
  feedbump 04/22/2014 Asteroids cause dozens of nuclear-scale blasts in Earth's atmosphere
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Astronauts repair space station computer on emergency spacewalk

Fight Aging

  feedbump 04/22/2014 An Interview With Mikhail Batin
  feedbump 04/22/2014 An Interesting Comparison of Species Lifespan Differences
  feedbump 04/23/2014 How Cells Take Out the Trash
  feedbump 04/23/2014 TFE3 Promotes Autophagy
  feedbump 04/22/2014 Antisenescence Effects of Stem Cell Therapies


  feedbump 04/23/2014 Storehouse Storytelling App Gets Embeds And Improved Community Building Tools
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Delightful, The ‘Date Concierge’ Startup Out Of OKCupid Labs, Hits The Deadpool
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Etsy Acquires Gadget Marketplace Grand St.
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Tweekaboo, The Family Photo Sharing App, Adds Book Printing
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Former NSA Head To Become Columnist For Conservative Paper To Discuss Intelligence
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Instagram Diverges From Vine By Personalizing Explore Tab
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Will Facebook Dodge The Teen Usage Question Again?
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Everywhere From Oklahoma City To Beijing: Uber Now Available In 100 Cities Worldwide
  feedbump 04/23/2014 Pure Storage CEO Says $225M Round Gives It Flexibility And R&D Runway
  feedbump 04/23/2014 The FCC Is Unfazed By AT&T’s Threat To Boycott Next Year’s Spectrum Auction

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